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Room booking application - view availability and space traits of any meeting room or space


View and Book Meeting Rooms & Spaces


Room Display

Find and secure space that suits your needs. VuBook leverages digital displays and a mobile app to allow end-users to locate and book unoccupied space on the fly by pulling data from both sensors and your existing calendar platform.  Learn More


  • Utilize scheduling panels to easily book rooms & spaces
  • View the current calendar and space traits of any meeting room or space
  • Runs on any display panel with an internet connection
  • Supports both Microsoft Office and Google Suite
  • Custom branding options to incorporate logos, colors and even specific forms or maps to enhance employee experience


Interactive Map

This interactive display is generally used in the lobby or main area of an office space to provide wayfinding as well as booking features and serves as a central hub to your space. Find and book open spaces, and find the quickest path with points of interest along the way. You can also filter amenities, identifying rooms with monitors, projectors and any other available features in the rooms. These are generally used in conjunction with a touch screen so simply click a room, book it and you’re on your way. Availability is updated in real-time through calendar integration and communication with sensors.

  • Book and reserve space either on a touchscreen or our mobile app based on your current calendar system of overlay sensor occupancy data for more accurate usage.



Mobile App

Extend the benefits of the AVUITY portfolio to your entire team

  • Find and book space from your smartphone
  • Search and filter by location, time, amenities, and more
  • Access the interactive map for visual booking
  • Customize experience with your own colors & logos
  • QR support for desk booking and check-ins
  • Available in Google Play & Apple Store
  • Visualize hot spots of activity
  • View and upload images of specific spaces
  • Save a list of preferred spaces to your favorites
  • View available spaces as well as when last used
  • Restrict access based on specific user roles or groups