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Occupancy sensor (IoT) - collect data on occupancy, headcount, and environment metrics.



VuSensor collects data on how space is used to help you make insightful decisions.  Ideal for more long-term installations, VuSensor is a wired IoT device perfect for understanding your workplace.  Real-time data is made available in VuSpace for quick and easy access.



  • Line Counting
  • Corporate Offices & Conference Rooms
  • Real Estate Properties
  • Retail Environments


VuSensor is ideal for measuring how many people are entering or exiting a given space over time.  Understand your attendance trends in a specific building or on a given floor—even pair with badge data for an even more accurate snapshot.


Use the sensor to gather information about how people interact with your space.

- Where are employees gathering? Are there enough individual spaces or conference rooms?
- Get all the data you need to make decisions about your office.

VuSensor can communicate with building automation systems improving employees’ comfort by adjust air conditioning or heat. Integrating VuBook with sensors improves productivity, saving your employees time looking for an available space to work or meet, and improves user experience.

Real Estate

With the evolution of agile and mobile working, use the sensor to gather information about the utilization of space.

- What is the actual occupancy of the space and what areas go unused?
- Get all the data you need to make decisions about your space and save money.
- Increase efficiency by using the information to eliminate or reduce space for tenants.
The VuSensor has the ability to communicate with building automation systems—so you can turn off lights, air conditioning, or heat in unoccupied spaces, saving overhead costs. Use the data to help you keep track of how many people are in the building and where are they located at any given time.


Optimize your retail space by getting to know the habits of your customers.

- How much time did they spend in your space, and what areas did they visit?
- Use the information to improve the quality of your patrons’ experience and increase sales.
- Determine if different store locations are performing and get accurate counts of how many people are in the store on any given day or time.


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