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Belkin Air Protect Always-On Slim Case 11-Inch

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Simply unzip the case to start using your device. Fits most 14" Chromebooks and laptops.

One-zip, Auto-wake Design

Air Protect™ Always-On Slim Case 11"


The Air Protect™ Always-On Slim Case has been designed to allow laptops or Chromebooks to be used while in the protective case. Simply unzip to activate the device and obtain full access to the screen and ports. A molded elevated base delivers ventilation to help prevent overheating, even after hours of use. Micro-gel and screen clips hold the Chromebook securely in place, while allowing students to position the screen at multiple angles.

Use the integrated carrying handle or slip the lightweight case inside a backpack for easy portability. A convenient bottom pocket, separate from the laptop compartment, safely stores a charger and other accessories without damaging the device.





The Air Protect™ Always-On Case has a durable exterior that protects 11-inch laptops and Chromebooks from heavy wear and tear, making it perfect for classrooms. Shock-absorbing stiffeners and padding on all six sides safeguard the device against accidental damage from drops and dings.



  • Fits most 11" laptops and Chromebooks up to 12.2" x 8.75" x 1.1"
  • One-zip auto-wake design
  • Slim and compact
  • Durable, six-sided protection from drops
  • Multiple screen positioning anglers
  • Screen mount clips
  • Integrated handle
  • Full port access while open