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Bloxels District Bundle - 1,500 Student Accounts (1 Year License)

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The Classroom pack includes 80 gameboards and 32,000 blocks, 4 card decks, handbook and workbook pdfs, and 1 year license for 1,500 student accounts.

Build Your Own Video Game

It all starts with an idea


Students can build on their own or collaborate with a group.  With Bloxels' resources student can turn original stories into their very own interactive story or video game.  The Classroom Pack provides students with a gameboard and blocks to create characters and art for their game.  Then with the Bloxels EDU app students can turn their physical designs into a digital game.  Bloxels Class Library encourages collaboration by enabling them to share their creations privately in the classroom.


Each Bloxels EDU 5-pack contains 5 Gameboards and 2,000 Blocks. Gameboards and Blocks are stored in individual trays that make it convenient to use in classrooms, libraries, and makerspaces.

Teachers get started through the EDU hub, by downloading the Educator Handbook with step-by-step instructions, standards-based activities, and answers to questions your students may ask. Bloxels EDU Student Workbooks provide brainstorming techniques, story boards, and planning guides to help jump start students creativity.

Included is one year FREE access to the Bloxels EDU app and Hub for an educator and up to 1,500 Student Accounts. 


What's In The Box

  • 80 Gameboards
  • 32,000 Blocks
  • 1,500 Student Accounts
  • 4 Card Decks
  • One year FREE Bloxels EDU Software
  • Bloxels EDU Educator Handbook (PDF)
  • Bloxels EDU Student Workbook (PDF)