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BrainCo Focus1 Headband and FocusEDU Software

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5 units
Minimum Purchase (5 units) Required | Bring real-time engagement metrics as well as neurofeedback-based focus and relaxation training into their classrooms.

Real-time Student Engagement

Groundbreaking technology from BrainCo


Teachers, do you struggle with knowing which teaching methods and lessons work best for your students?  BrainCo's Focus1 headband and FocusEDU software provides the solutions you've been waiting for.  FocusEDU can quantify real-time student engagement in the classroom and provide educators with the ability to improve their skills, test different teaching methods and help students gain better control over their ability to focus and relax with brain controlled games. Find out more→


How it works

The Focus1 headband incorporates BrainCo’s hydrogel sensors to provide a wireless EEG headband that’s accurate as well as comfortable, durable, lightweight, and easy to use. 

BrainCo’s team of research scientists and algorithm engineers have developed a new way to evaluate brain states. Rather than looking at the traditional five brainwave frequencies, BrainCo examines over a thousand EEG features of a person in real-time and uses a novel approach to brain modeling to determine brain states with unmatched accuracy.



Real-time Tracking

FocusEDU provides teachers with feedback that is real-time in class, contextually relevant, and ongoing, enabling them to make sustained improvements in their skills. At the same time, students develop ownership of their learning experience. Students and parents can track learning improvements, while administrators can identify the most engaging activities and methods to quantify and spread best practices.


Focus Training

Through brain-controlled games students gain better control over their ability to both concentrate effectively in and outside of class. These games use the science of neurofeedback to promote better cognitive control.


Self-regulation and Relaxation Training

Students learn to to proactively get into relaxed states and meditate via neurofeedback-based visualizations and exercises


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