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Circuit Scribe Everthing Classroom Kit

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Use Circuit Scribe's conductive ink pen to draw circuits - geared towards fundamental electronics and physics lessons.

Circuitry as Simple as Putting Pen to Paper


Take a break from the screen and get started the moment you open your kits!  The Intro and Everything Kits can be tailored to students from elementary school through AP Physics no matter their skill level.  65% of students will be working in fields that don't yet exist.  Circuit Scribe kits give them a jump start by exploring real-world applicable concepts, such as engineering and design to prepare them for their futures.

Circuit Scribe kits contain everything you need for classes of 25-30 (1-to-1) students, with 30 pens and 250+ modules.  Furthermore, the kits include complete lessons to facilitate both individual and collaborative learning experiences.


What's In The Box

  • x25 9V Battery Adapters
  • x50 LEDs
  • x5 USB Adapters
  • x25 Switches
  • x5 Buzzers
  • x25 Multi-Colored LEDs
  • x25 Dimmers
  • x25 Blinkers
  • x5 Double Switches
  • x25 Motors & Foam Wheels
  • x5 Dials
  • x5 DIY Connectors
  • x25 NPN Transistors
  • x5 Light Sensors
  • x50 Connector Cables (five 10-pks)
  • x30 Conductive Ink Pens
  • x25 Steel Canvases
  • x25 Stencils
  • Inventor's Notebook
  • Jumper Sticker Sheet