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Copernicus iRover2™ Height-adjustable Wall Mount (Studded Walls)

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Wall mount system designed to support up to 86" flat panels.

Wall Mount System


Mount your flat panels, up to 86" with a maximum weight of 250lbs, with the Copernicus wall mount system designed for studded walls.  Its easy-to-use electric lift allows the flat panel height to be adjusted with a 17" range to accommodate students of all ages.

There is a built-in clearance for mounting over marker ledges on whiteboards.



  • Electric lift function
  • Remote mounting bracket
  • Built-in clearance for mounting over marker ledges
  • 6-outlet power stripe (UL certified)
  • Cable management - hook and loop ties
  • Supports up to 86" flat panels with a max weight of 250lbs
  • Includes a floor support kit
  • Lifetime warrant with 5 years on the electric lift


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