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Copernicus Mobile Tech Station (Premium Model)

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Remote teaching solution. These customizable, mobile stations have a spot for everything - just connect your devices and you're ready to go.

Copernicus Mobile Tech Station - Premium

Teach Remotely with Ease

Teaching remotely poses many challenges including sourcing all the gadgets to set up the technology required to engage, communicate and teach students effectively. This customizable, mobile station has a spot for everything—just connect your devices and you’re ready to go!

The Mobile Tech Station premium model includes everything needed to make switching between programs and devices while teaching quick and seamless.

dewey-doc-camera-150px.jpg mts1-mobile-tech-station-premium-model-front-with-light-and-laptop-hr-150px.jpg
The Dewey Document Camera mounts to the workstation and can be used for recording the teacher or swiveled to show a demonstration on the desktop.  The laptop tray helps keep the desktop clear and a ring light attached to the frame provides proper illumination for video recording. 

All of these components can be adjusted to different positions, including the desk to suit the educator’s ergonomics and how they teach.

All the wires are kept tidy by running to a power strip and under mounted cable management below the tabletop with only one plug going to the wall. This reduces the trip hazard of multiple cords going to an outlet and makes it very easy to move around a classroom without disrupting the tech setup already in place.

Included with the premium model the storage tubs, a pull-out Stubby Tubby and Really Big Tub, make it even easier to keep teachings essentials handy.  


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