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Copernicus STEM Maker Station

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Store all your essential maker materials all in one place.

Base Model STEM Maker Station


Schools everywhere are putting more and more emphasis on learning through building and hands-on experiences. The STEM Maker Station provides loads of flexible storage options that allows the cart to carry everything from robotic parts to paints, tools and manipulatives. The sturdy frame and casters make it suitable to move around the classroom, library or entire school.





  • Base Tech Tub for locking up specialized equipment
  • Cardboard or material storage rack
  • Tape/ribbon/string dispenser rack
  • Coroplast overhead sign and display
  • Accessory/tool hooks
  • Large bottom shelf
  • Whiteboard
  • 4 Small Open Tubs
  • 4 Large Open Tubs
  • 4 Tiny Tubs
  • 4" casters, 2 w/brakes


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