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Copernicus Tech Tub2 Modular Cart with UV Tub

$2,722.61 - $3,108.00
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Copernicus Tech Tub2 Modular Cart with UV Tub
Easily share devices throughout your school. Now includes UV Tech Tub - disinfect devices in one minute

Disinfect | Charge | Store

Clean devices in one minute

In one minute, disinfect devices, including laptop screens and keyboards!  Copernicus' Tech Tub2 Modular Carts now include options which have a UV Tech Tub to create a complete device charging, storing and disinfecting solution!  Green Tech Tubs Charge 26 devices and blue UV Tech Tub disinfects devices in less than one minute (one at a time).  

The large chamber can also disinfect Chromebook keyboards and screens (when open), VR headsets, headphones, robotics and other commonly used classroom items. With a tub-to-tub locking mechanism, the tubs lock together securing all the devices in the cart.

To encouraging social distancing the tubs unclip from the cart and can be placed around the classroom. They are also a flexible solution for 1:1 environments.  Learn more about Copernicus Sanitizing Solutions


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