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Deledao Education - Security and Web Filtering Solution

$2.00 - $12,000.00
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200 units
AI-powered web protection and real-time filtering solution for K-12 schools.

Deledao Education Holistic Web Protection

Real-time AI Web Filter and Metal Well-being Tool

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In today’s technology driven classrooms teachers and administrators are faced with the difficult task to monitor, block, and provide students with a safe and educational web experience.  Due to inappropriate materials and searches appearing schools are faced with 3 options: completely block sites such as YouTube, deploy safe mode, or leave sites wide open.  Typically cloud-based filtering solutions filter text only content by black listing sites, white listing sites, or come with preset list of block terms.  Because these solutions are not filtering in real-time content tends to slip through the cracks.  Deledao is the only real-time artificial intelligence web filter on the market.  

AI Web Filter

Unlike legacy domain/keyword blocking filters requiring maintenance of URL/keyword blocklists, Deledao’s filter analyzes text, images and video in real time while each page renders in the browser.  There’s no need to continually update Google game sites, social media or similar URLs to prevent students from accessing them. The elimination of blocklist maintenance is a huge time-saver for IT Admins.

  • Filter distractions like Zoom Bombing
  • Detect cyberbullying and potential self-harm
  • Manage online classrooms
  • Protect online data privacy


Real-time text analysis scans individual webpages. Deledao AI does real-time image and video analysis.
deledao-real-time-text-analysis.jpg deledao-real-time-video-analysis.jpg

 Classroom Management

Spend time teaching, not policing students.

  • LIVE monitoring of student screens
  • Send websites, lock tabs, and close tabs
  • Import Google Classroom rosters
  • Easily see tabs with streaming videos or audio
  • Chat with students
  • And more!


Monitor mental well-being

Sometimes students lose hope when they are struggling alone. Deledao's AI can pick up on the warning signs so you can get them the help they need.deledao-monitor-mental-well-being.jpg


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