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FLI Charge PowerServe Portable Charging Solution

$1,299.99 - $3,499.99
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FLI Charge PowerServe Portable Charging Solution
Portable power charging solutions for laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets.

FLI Charge

Portable Power Charging solutions for Laptops, Chromebooks and Tablets

The next generation FLI Charge charging solutions provides flexible PowerBanks to address charging needs throughout the school at any time of the day.

The combination of PowerServe 24 (PS24) for communal spaces and the PowerServe 6 (PS 6) in classroom provides an eco-system of portable chargers to keep student and staff powered at all times.

    • Simply place the PowerBanks in charging slots (PS24) or lay it on the charging surface (PS6) and the PowerBanks fully charge quickly and safely with no cables required
    • Surface stops charging if any foreign material touches the surface and re-start once removed

Power scarcity is a thing of the past as both the PowerServe 24 bulk charging station and PowerServe 6 bulk charging surface require just one standard AC outlet.

No more battery anxiety for the students or staff with fast charging PowerBanks which enable power on the go.

    • No need to be tethered to charging cart or battling for outlets. With PowerServe solutions Power Scarcity is a thing of the past

The easiest and most convenient way to keep students and staff charged.


PowerServe 24

Designed for communal spaces like libraries, Cafeteria, or common workspaces, the PS 24 Bulk charging station keeps 24 PowerBanks simultaneously charged all with one outlet

  • The LED light on the PS 24 indicates when units are fully charged and available to students and staff for maximum flexibility to stay charged throughout the school day
  • Comes with an integrated locking mechanism to secure the PowerBanks


PowerServe 6

Exclusively designed to provide an in-classroom solutions to address immediate charging needs and extend the ability to charge anywhere in the classroom without being tethered to an outlet.


  • Easy deployment
  • Smart Charging delivers the right power to your device
  • Optional asset tracking software to track power banks
  • Charge Power Banks simultaneously
  • Auto-shutoff to protect against spills, hand touches, and overcurrent
  • Plug and Play power solution
  • Locking mechanism for security (PowerServe 24 only)

What's in the box

  • PowerServe 24
    • 1x PowerServe 24X Charging Station (with Wall Mount or Table Stand)
    • 24x Vibe Power Banks
  • PowerServe 6
    • 1x PowerServe 6X Charging Station
    • 6x Vibe Power Banks


FLI Charge PowerServe 24 Datasheet↓

FLI Charge PowerServe 6 Datasheet↓