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FlySense Sensor

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Add more sensors to your FlySense Starter Bundle.

Put an end to vaping, smoking, and bullying in your schools 


New to FlySense?  Get started with the FlySense Starter Bundle.  


The FlySense sensor is a multi-sensor device capable of detecting vaping, smoke, and noise disturbances that may suggest violence.  When the sensor is triggered a zero-delay, location specific alert notification is sent by SMS and or email to designated school officials.



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Incident Detection

Detects vaping signatures and decibel level anomalies in real-time, 24/7.

Alert Notifications

Zero-delay, location specific alerts on vape and sound incidents.

Solution Management

Administrator web portal designed for school teams to manage devices.

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Performance Optimization

Allows devices to learn environments, reduce false positives and optimize performance.

Insights & Analytics

Real-time date to help you determine which locations and time period experience the most activity.

Power Options

Power devices via Power-over-Ethernet Plus (PoE+) or external input power with WiFi capability.


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