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FrontRow Conductor Admin Station

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Complete front office station for Conductor communication.

FrontRow Conductor Admin Station

Complete front office station for Conductor communication. Designed for easy touch access to key functions like school paging and intercom, emergency alerts, and answering calls, the Conductor Admin Station works with the DRS-5000 server and FrontRow audio IP endpoints on the network to provide effortless communication for schools and districts. Conductor allows office managers and administrators to make school announcements, intercom calls, trigger emergency alerts, set bell schedules, stream music, create zones, and more.

A properly-programmed and -implemented Conductor system lets you control or communicate practically anything across the school. 


  • Clear IP audio communications to all school end points
  • Easily adjust bell-schedules for standard or irregular days
  • Flexible zones for efficient school-wide communications
  • Robust emergency communications capability includes audio, visual, and mass notification


FrontRow Conductor Admin Station DataSheet↓