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FrontRow Juno with Speaker Expansion Module and IR Speakers

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All-in-one classroom sound with amazing digital sound quality, time-saving lesson capture, and future connectivity.

FrontRow Juno with Speaker Expansion Module and IR Speakers 

The towering standard in classroom sound quality, FrontRow Juno sets up in minutes — and yet evenly fills your classroom with the kind of exciting, multi-layered stereo sound you’d expect from a much larger installed system. What's more, Juno's intelligent digital platform connects you to exciting tools like automated lesson capture, voice-command control of displays, and easy intercom. 

Classroom Audio: Allows all students to hear their teacher clearly whether in class or learning remote

Lesson Capture: Easily capture video recordings of live lessons including whats on the display and automatically names and uploads the video to the school LMS or website.

Campus Communication: When connected to Conductor™, bells, direct paging, intercom calls, alerts, and emergency communication are routed through your classroom speakers. Teachers can respond hands free or even initiate an emergency procedure by pressing the panic button on their teacher microphone.


 Lesson Capture - Juno How To


  • Clear whole-class sound
  • Simple Voice Commands
    • turn on displays
    • switch inputs
    • adjust volume
    • record lessons
  • Juno Connect - when connected to your schools network


  • Juno with Bluetooth System + Speaker Expansion
  • Two wall mount speakers with integrated IR sensors with plenum sensor/speaker cables


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