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Google Chrome Education Upgrade

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Empower IT admins to make smarter decisions with Chrome Education Upgrade.

Control everything from one simple console

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Chrome Education Upgrade leverages the full capabilities of Chromebooks and Chrome OS to counter rising teacher workloads, free up IT resources and give educators more time to focus on learning outcomes – without compromising security.



Managed Access

Take control of what resources users can
access. Block end users from logging into
Chromebooks, restrict access to certain
sites and content, and enable identity-free
usage for shared devices.

Simplified Deployment

Provide IT with access to device policies
and fleet oversight capabilities for both
school-issued and student-owned
devices, all from the cloud-based Google
Admin console.

Advanced Security

Lost and stolen protections prevent data theft
by remotely disabling devices, ephemeral
mode wipes user data upon logout, and
persistent enrollment ensures devices are
always enrolled to your domain.

24/7 Admin Support

All this, with the added benefit of
Chromes OS troubleshooting assistance.
Call Google at any time if an issue comes
up at no additional cost