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HoverCam Solo 8Plus

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True 4K, USB Document Camera. Ideal for both in-classroom or distance/hybrid teaching.

Solo 8Plus

4k Document Camera

The Solo 8Plus provides crystal-clear image quality in stunning, uncompressed 4K resolution.  The Solo 8Plus is ideally used for distance learning, in-class teaching, and video recording.  Engage you classroom with features such as annotate, picture-in-picture, and lesson recording - thanks to Flex 11 taking your teaching to a whole new level.  Additionally, no power adapters, loop through cable or downloading software required.  Just plug in the SuperSpeed USB cable, install the embedded software, and go.


  • 13 MP Camera Sensor
  • 480x ASR Zoom
  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
  • 4K @30fps Lesson Recording
  • Integrated Microphone
  • Built-In Whiteboard
  • Annotate Over Live Camera Image
  • Instantly Drop Content into Other Programs
  • Use with a Webcam for Picture-in-Picture Lesson Recording


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