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Jigabot EX Extended Life - Auto tracking camera robot

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Capture & stream video of a teacher with Jigabot hands free auto tracking camera robot. *30-45 days lead time.

Jigabot EX Extended Life

Auto-tracking Camera Robot


The Jigabot EX is an auto-tracking camera robot.  Teachers can capture and stream videos in 3 simply steps as they move around their classrooms.  Jigabot EX will automatically follow the Dots and aim your camera at you keeping your hands free.    It works by following small Dots attached to a teacher's clothing or lanyard.

Get creative with your lessons by deploying multiple Jigabot EX units in different locations.  No need to purchase a new expensive equipment.  Jigabot works with virtually any camera under 10 pounds, laptop, or iOS and Android tablet or phone.  Need to hold a Zoom class or Google Meet?  No problem you can continue to stream the way that works for you.

  1. Attach a camera to the Jigabot EX Unit
  2. Attach Dots to yourself
  3. Power ON!


Jigabot is ideal for teaching, indoor events, worship services, training and coaching and much more.

Download Jigabot Brochure↓ 


Watch as Jigabot follows the instructor


This Jigabot EX bundle includes the Dot Driver EXL Kit. The Dot Driver powers and controls the four included Dots. The Dots are tiny proprietary infrared emitters that the Jigabot EX follows automatically. Simply attach the Dots to yourself and power them on and Jigabot EX swivels to follow you automatically. This EXL Kit powers Dot three times longer than our standard Dot Driver Kit, which is about 4.5 hours.


What's In The Box

  • One Dot Driver EXL Kit
    • Dot Driver (power pack for dots) with 4.5 battery life
    • Four dots
    • USB adapter & cable for charging
  • AC/DC power adapter for operating Jigabot EX


Supported Equipment

  • Virtually any camera under 10 pounds
  • Virtually any microphone or light that can be mounted using 3/8" - 16 or 1/4" -20 screws
  • Laptops
  • iOS and Android tablets or phones - smartphone adapter included


Bundle Options

Laptop Mount Bundle

Smartphone / Tablet Mount Bundle


Mounts and Accessories

topcradlemount.jpg Top Mount Required for Laptop mounting
 laptopmount-accessory-2c.jpg Laptop Mount Top Mount Accessory
 ballheadmount1.jpg Ball Head Mount Required with Tablet and Smartphone mount
 tabletmount.jpg Tablet Mount Required with use of Ball Head Accessory
 smartphonemount1.jpg Smartphone Mount Required with use of Ball Head Accessory
 basemount2.jpg Base Mount Expanded tripod options - required for heavy cameras
 tripod1.jpg Desktop Tripod For use on desktops with laptops, smartphones, tablets, camcorders, or cameras
 lanyard-1.png Lanyard To be worn on collars
 external-battery-pack.jpg External Battery Pack Allows Jigabot EX to operate without being plugged in
 dots-product.jpg Dot Driver Accessory Kit Tracking up to 3 hour
 dots-product.jpg Dot Driver EXL Accessory Kit Tracking up to 9 hours



How to: Start Using Your Jigabot