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Jigabot Dot Driver EXL Accessory Kit

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This is an extra battery pack for tracking a teacher up to 9 hours.

Jigabot Dot Driver EXL Kit


What makes Jigabot devices automatically follow a moving subject? IR Dots are attached to subjects, and Jigabot devices sense & follow them. IR Dots are 90% smaller than our previous emitters, making them virtually invisible over 10 feet away.

It’s called IR Tracking, and it’s revolutionary! It works indoors, near or far, fast or slow, smoothly & responsively. Now you can track any object or subject.

IR Emitters shine (emit) infrared light. Infrared, or IR light, is not visible to humans or most cameras (with IR block filters). IR Emitters pulse the IR light in unique ways, allowing them to be identified and followed by a Jigabot.

Four IR Dot Emitters can be attached to a single IR Dot Driver Power unit. They attach using micro-wires the plug in via 3.5mm jacks–all of which keeps the Dots very hard to see. By powering the Dots from a separate IR Dot Driver pack keeps the Emitters even smaller, allowing you to place the Emitters where you want, while powering them from wherever you place the Dot Driver (such as in a pocket). This approach also allows the Dots to be powered longer than a small battery would allow: in this case, for up to 9 hours using 2 Dots, or up to 4.5 hours using 4 Dots.

This kit provides 4 IR Dots. It also includes the extra-small-diameter micro cables (attached to Dots) for connecting to the Dot Driver.

This kit enables a subject to be tracked for up to 9 hours at a time. This kit replaces the IR Emitters (2) and IR Power Module (1) that is sold at the same price. Furthermore, the kit provides longer life that the kit that comes standard with the purchase of a tracking unit (1 hour).

Save money with the Dot Driver EXL Kit compared to purchasing the 4 Dot Emitters and IR Dot Driver separately.


What's In The Box

  • Four Jigabot Dot emitters
  • 9-hour IR Dot Driver Power Pack
  • Micro-USB to USB-A cables
  • Power Pack to the USB wall charger


Teaching while Self-Recording