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LG 55SVH7F 55" SVH7F Series 0.44mm Video Wall with Smart Calibration

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The 0.44 mm Even-Bezel Video Wall provides the perfection of a truly seamless view along with vivid color representation throughout the assembled large screen.

LG 55SVH7F 55" SVH7F Series 0.44mm Video Wall with Smart Calibration

Making use of LG's pioneering display technology, the 0.44mm Even Bezel Video Wall unlocks great opportunities in various markets, even in places that previously had avoided video walls due to the visible bezels.




  • Intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) that allows users to easily switch to other settings and adopts a larger font for better visibility.

  • Simple White Balance Adjustment allowing you to modify each value of grey scale to achieve more detailed and precise white balance adjustments.

  • Easy Color Adjustment Depending on the content, the color temperature of the display can be easily adjusted in increments of 100K using a remote control.

  • LAN Daisy Chain Management A LAN daisy chain allows you to execute commands to control and monitor video walls and even update their firmwares at once.

  • Wider Viewing Angle The SVH7F-A series captures the attention of and captivates more viewers with lifelike colors, from virtually any angle.

  • Higher Viewing Angle The viewing angle of the SVH7F-A series is superior to that of conventional video walls, allowing it to display vivid colors throughout the screen with no distortion.

  • Image Gap Reduction Objects located on the bezel boundaries are adjusted for a seamless viewing experience by using an image improvement algorithm.

  • Uniform Color Expression The SVH7F-A series has enhanced uniformity, even within the four corners of the display, to deliver vivid and consistent color throughout the screen.

  • Smart Calibration Analyzes not only the color property differences within each individual display but also the property differences between the connected displays.

  • High Performance and Great Scalability Can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without the need for a media player by using it’s built in SoC and webOS smart sinage platform.

  • Flexible Content Creation Four different videos can be played simultaneously via web apps, and various animation effects, such as scaling or rotating, are added to content using CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) transition effects. Real-time streaming* is also available, providing the flexibility to organize and diversify content free from capacity limits.

  • User-Friendly Menu Structure that has been optimized for commercial use to simplify approach flows and groups similar functions together adopting a more intuitive GUI for ease of use.


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