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Mooreco ENROLL™ Featuring Hierarchy Tablet Chair

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Make collaborative room configuration a breeze with the MooreCo writing tablet chair

Make collaborative room configurations a breeze

MooreCo Enroll™ Featuring Hierarchy Tablet Chair


Students and teachers alike with love this mobile and versatile seating offering easy communication, movement, and storage.  Move the Enroll Chair easily around to reconfigure your learning space.  Effortlessly swivel the table to accommodate left and right hand.  Students can rotate chairs 360° to interact without distraction.  Remove clutter from aisles - store books and backpacks on the base rack below each chair.



  • Right or left-handed tablet
  • Chair with 360° rotation - available in variety of colors, with or without arms
  • Built-in pencil or stylus holder
  • Available in porcelain steel whiteboard top - for doodling, notes, brainstorming
  • Optional swivel cup holder
  • Lower storage rack

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