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MooreCo Hierarchy 5-Star Stool

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Flexible and ergonmically shaped seat for easy position changes, eliminating stagnant environments.

Ergonomic | Flexible | Fun


Outfit your modern and flexible learning environment with MooreCo's Hierarchy 5-Star Stool.  With ergonomics in mind, the Hierarchy is a colorful and flexible solution for stimulating focus and motivation in your classrooms.  Choose from a variety of colors and sizes.

  • Flexible and ergonomically shaped seat with lumbar support for easy position changes, eliminating stagnant environments
  • Smooth reinforced back allows for flex action without sharp ridges
  • Shell available with or without arms
  • Upholstered seat version available with your choice of graded-in fabrics
  • Base is made with durable steel and plastic and features 2 swivel casters, in your choice of hard or soft depending on your flooring needs

 Hierarchy seating is designed to work with other flexible MooreCo desks and tables. Patent pending.


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