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NoviSign NoviTizer Hand Sanitizer Kiosk

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All-in-One solution to digitally share important information while reducing the spread of germs.

Digital Signage Kiosk with Automatic Hand Sanitizer

Share your message while reducing the spread of germs


The Novitizer all-in-one automatic hand santizer with pre-loaded digital signage software ships plug and play and ready to go.  As we are currently facing unprecedented times in a world of viruses and bacteria what better way to share your message than pairing it with an automatic hand sanitizer.  

The Novitizer features a sturdy metal enclosure that is designed to withstand public settings, has a built-in commercial grade 21.5” display, and comes equipped with an internal, 1 gallon, auto-dispenser that dispenses gel, foam, or liquid sanitizer (sold separately). Supports WiFi, hardwire or 3/4G connection to the web. Wall mountable or convert to free-standing with optional pedestal sold separately.


Optimal in high-traffic locations such as:

  • Hospitals, medical clinics, and dentist offices
  • Grocery and retail stores
  • Commercial buildings and malls
  • Gyms and health centers
  • Hotels and resorts
  • College campuses and schools
  • Local government buildings




The NoviTizer includes one-year, pre-installed, NoviSign Digital Signage License. With this easy to use, ‘drag and drop’, cloud-based digital signage software, you can remotely display, update, and monitor any combination of public announcements, advertisements, videos, slideshows, and media from anywhere in the world! 


Display Content

Refresh your content in just one click! All you need is a computer, browser and internet connection. Easily create, edit and manage the content you want to display with NoviSign’s ‘drag and drop’ cloud-based digital signage software. You can pre-schedule your content to auto-update, set recurring schedules and expiration dates, and update your content for virtually anywhere. Additionally, you can monitor the status of your systems – track the analytics of the hand sanitizer; run a detailed media proof-of-play reports; and get emailed when the dispenser needs a sanitizer refill.


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