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PrimeView FusionMAX 32:9 All-in-One PRO

$148,810.00 - $184,747.00
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PrimeView FusionMAX 32:9 All-in-One PRO
PrimeView 1.2mm pixel pitch - FusionMAX 32:9 All-in-One PRO

PrimeView Fusion MAX 32:9

Indoor Turn-Key LED Displays

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The Fusion Max 32:9 features the world's first 32x9 aspect ratio standard, 3840x1080 pixel resolution, bezel-free panel display, and eliminates the concerns associated with other custom video wall options. Available in a striking 1.2mm (PRVLESFSN12M32:9 PRO), 1.5mm (PRVLESFSN15M32:9 PRO), 1.9mm (PRVLESFSN19M32:9 PRO) or 2.5mm (PRVLESFSN25M32:9 PRO) LED pixel pitch, it excels as a solution for executive boardrooms, digital-signage, gaming, and control rooms. Its scalable building blocks of Fusion indoor LED means it can be installed in a variety of spaces for maximum impact Customer Innovation Centers, Sports Venues, Distance Learning and Esports.

The building blocks of the Fusion Max 32:9 Series of turn-key LED solutions are the Fusion Line of LED. Fusion LED comes standard with a 3-in-1 Integrated Board Design (power, receiving card & bridgeboard, 100k hours rating, 160/160 wide viewing angles, wall mountable framing accessories and a no-hassle 5-year onsite parts and labor warranty.


  • 3840x1080 pixels LED seamless video display
  • Fanless Quiet Design
  • 1920-3840 Hz Refresh Rate
  • 24/7 Industrial Rated
  • 16x9 aspect ratio cabinet
  • Lightweight design
  • 600 NITS of Brightness
  • State-of-the-art Front Serviceability
  • Broadcast Quality Viewing Angles
  • 3-1 Unified Main Board


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