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Protect98 INFO-FR8-TMP 8" Temperature Sensor w/Facial Recognition

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No Refunds/Cancellations: Monitor the temperature of incoming individuals fast, efficiently and with no contact necessary.

Protect98 Temperature Sensor with Facial Recognition

Contactless Temperature Scan to Keep Employees and Visitors Safe

As businesses, schools, and public spaces begin to open up again, many are concerned about the increased risk of exposure. With the Protect98 temperature scan and facial recognition device, you can offer safety and peace of mind. Use the Protect98 device and program to create a temperature scanning kiosk in your entryways, which makes contactless entry easy and safe. 

What does Protect98 do?

  • Temperature scan
  • Detects a face mask
  • Facial recognition (remembers employees, returning visitors, and identifies new visitors)
  • Counts entry and exit

The Protect98 digital platform is customizable, so you can decide what steps you want employees and visitors to complete upon entry and design communication to fit your safety protocols.

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