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Quicklaunch UE (Perpetual)

$749.00 - $1,048.60
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Quicklaunch UE (Perpetual)
Transform any PC into a one click meeting space.

Turn Any PC into a One Click Meeting Space


The Quicklaunch™ Ultimate Edition application allows you to create a one-touch meeting room using the platform of your choice, Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.  This simple and secure interface provides multi-platform integration to transform any PC into a one click meeting space.  Quicklaunch™ is built for security with the ability to 'Room Reset" clearing temporary, files, cache and more which deletes the data before the next group meets.  Quicklaunch™ also has an optional 'lock-down' mode to further restrict the usage of the PC in the meeting room.  Furthermore, Quicklaunch™ brings multiple technologies together into a single application, enabling collaboration rather than complicating it.

Quicklaunch™, the most powerful meeting room software, is fully customizable in order to offer your end users a custom branded powerful meeting room solution that is easy to use. 



Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Lync, Skype, WebEx, Spark, Office 365, Bluejeans, zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, join me, fuze, Chime, RealPresence, Sametime, lifesize, RingCentral, 8x8,, Vidyo, Ricoh, Adobe Connect, StarLeaf, Simplicity 



  • One touch to productivity
  • Any provider
  • Room reset and lockdown mode provides peace of mind
  • Customize it to your needs
  • Endless possibilites


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