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Sedao Live Cloud Subscription - Storage 2GB 2-10 players

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Manage your displays from an online Cloud account using any internet connected device.

Sedao Live Cloud.


With SedaoLive Cloud you have the flexibility to control all of your digital signage displays with a simple, drag and drop interface.  Choose from a range of modern fully customizable templates with varying multimedia zones, including built in time and date widgets.



 √ Create your Sedao Live Cloud acount and choose the plan that's right for you

√ Connect your Sedao Media Player to your digital signage display

√ Control your digital display from your desktop 

 Standard 2GB Sedao Live Cloud Subscription can be upgraded to suit your specific requirements and applications.  Upgrade plans include: Support for multiple Media Players and Different levels of cloud based storage.



  • Live preview before you publish
  • Drag and drop features and changes
  • Dynamic design software to create custom presentations
  • Large secure Cloud storage server
  • Presentations stored locally to reduce network traffic
  • Instant announcements with a single activation
  • Add and control dozens of screens
  • Create and edit messages on any internet connected device
  • No experience or training needed


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