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SMART 6000S Interactive Display with SMART Remote Management

$4,999.00 - $8,335.00
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SMART 6000S Interactive Display with SMART Remote Management
The new 6000S series is here. All the features you know and love now with USB-C connectivity.

SMART Board 6000S Series Interactive Flat Panel

For education administrators who need an easy to use interactive display solution and want to have the maximum impact on student outcomes…

The 6000S series is an interactive display line that supports innovative tool functionality to encourage student engagement, and that easily adapts to several teaching styles. Familiar SMART Learning Suite software is augmented by continuously improving embedded services that keep pace with changing pedagogies and provide integrated metrics to help understand and support training needs for teachers.

Unlike competitive offerings that focus on gadgets, the 6000S is a complete interactive solution designed specifically for K-12 classrooms to deliver engaging and measurable improvements to everyday learning.

  • Supports active learning - easily connect and interact with your devices
  • Easy to deploy and support
  • Designed for education
  • 60W USB-C port replaces a USB-A port on the convenience panel
  • Connect any device with only one cord for video, audio, touch, and data
  • Supports type-C USB memory keys


  • SMART Board 6000s display with 20W forward-facing speakers
  • Built-in iQ Android
  • Integrated WiFi
  • Object Awareness™
  • Automatic over-the-air (OTA) updates
  • SMART Assure warranty
  • SMART Remote Management
  • Accessories such as pens, remote control, erasers, and cables
  • Wall mount
  • Live and self-serve online training options
  • Expert support
  • SMART Notebook® basic version
  • Ready-made interactive content
  • Free library of games, activities and lessons
  • BONUS: One year of SMART Learning Suite - free

Easier management and interaction with connected devices
Plug in multiple computers and video inputs to your SMART Board 6000S. A live input preview allows for easy, intelligent switching between inputs, and a convenience panel makes it easy to connect devices – no more searching for portals on the back of your SMART Board, hunting for cables, plugging or unplugging devices. Plus, get SMART’s world-leading inking and annotations and interactive widgets like spinners, timers and clocks on all your plugged-in inputs, including laptops, document cameras and DVD players.

Now with USB-C
Easily connect devices, including USB-C devices through a 60-watt USB-C port. USB-C supports video, audio, touch, data, charging, all with a single cable, and work with type-C USB memory keys.


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