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SMART Document Camera SDC-650

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SMART Document Camera makes it easy to add hands-on excitement to SMART Notebook® lessons.

SMART Document Camera 650

The SMART Document Camera 650 connects digital learning to the physical world. Featuring a 13MP lens, optical 10x and digital 23x zoom, this easy-to-use 4K Ultra HD visualizer captures live video and images directly to the SMART Board®, SMART Notebook, or your desktop, increasing student engagement even while video conferencing.

The SMART Document Camera 650 will help teachers:

Get connected: Connect physical teaching to the digital realm. Give every teacher the ability to digitally capture and share hands-on teaching to the SMART Board for high quality instruction, even while video conferencing.

Get simple: Do more in the classroom with a document camera that’s easy to setup, use and maintain in flexible and diverse classroom configurations

Get engaging: Engage students with dynamic multimedia lessons and rich Ultra HD instruction for every grade and subject area.


  • 13MP Lens and 4K Performance
  • 230x total zoom (10x Optical Zoom, 23x Digital Zoom)
  • Integration with SMART Board interactive displays, including a new Android app
  • SMART Notebook integration
  • Peer to peer wireless connectivity for Windows and Mac
  • Wired or Dual Band Wi-Fi connection
  • UVC compliant webcam for high-definition video conferencing
  • Built-in microphone
  • Convenient controls for easy capture & recording
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 5-year warranty


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