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$2,999.00 - $6,335.00
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The SMART Board GX lets you bring SMART’s easy-to-use interactive technology to your classroom, with a flexible, affordable solution to outdated classroom projectors.


Basically Brilliant

Bring interactivity to your classroom, affordably. The SMART Board GX series is the affordable alternative to classroom projectors and a solid investment for your EdTech budget. 

Get connected

Connects devices for easy sharing. SMART Board GX series leverages your investments in classroom technology and infrastructure, so teachers can use them more effectively. Giving teachers one place to connect computers and peripherals and let students screenshare means they get more use from the technology they already know and spend less time switching tasks. Bring all your classroom technology together so teachers can teach. 

Connect student devices. Students can easily screenshare via app to showcase work and facilitate collaboration in the classroom. Teachers lead learning through touchback with screenshare content.

Works with your operating systems. Enjoy the full SMART Board experience with any connected PC or Mac device and any application, including 20 points of touch and inking.

Easier management and interaction with connected devices. Plug in multiple computers and video inputs to your SMART Board, then easily switch between them, with annotation and widgets over any input. Save time and support costs - avoid hunting for cables, plugging and unplugging devices.

Better videoconferencing. Connect any Windows PC or iOS device for a high-quality video conferencing experience. Deliver lessons through screensharing and enhance remote students’ experiences with inking and tools, like spotlights that focus their attention. Teachers and students in class interact more easily with remote participants through larger, high-res video galleries.

App experience and integration with cloud storage. Install Android apps, bookmark favorite web apps, and open documents from One Drive and Google Drive right on your SMART display. Administrators can also easily push out any app to all displays with mobile device management software.

Interact with the file types your teachers already know and use. SMART’s industry-leading inking experience isn’t just limited to whiteboarding. With SMART Ink® software, write into PDFs and Microsoft Office® files, then save your notes in almost any file type. Move notes, copy and paste them, erase, or even convert them to text. All this without needing to change pens or select new tool settings each time you want to ink.

Get simple

Easy to write, touch and interact. SMART Board GX series provides a natural and intuitive ability to recognize pens, touches and gestures without distracting tool selection menus, and are simpler to deploy and support. This means savings in training costs and time, less change and effort for teachers, and fewer teacher support calls, all adding up to a lower total cost of ownership and an investment you can count on for years to come. 

Bring reliable interactive technology to your classroom. With 20 points of interaction, teachers can write, erase and move notes intuitively. When connected to a desktop computer, Object awareness™ means pens write, fingers move, and palms erase automatically – without the need for software menu selections, so teachers can focus on teachable moments with no technology distractions.

Ink anywhere, by simply picking up a pen. Powered by SMART ink desktop software, write into and over any web browser, application or file type, including PDFs and Microsoft Office® files, then save your notes in almost any file type. Change ink colors and thicknesses, spotlight and magnify, convert writing to text, assign favorite tools, and use a screen shade. All without an overlay or special ink mode.

Automatic power up. SMART Board interactive displays wake up quickly with the push of a button, with key programs like the whiteboard and web browser ready to go. Teachers can easily sign into cloud storage to access their files. Convenience buttons built into the front of the panel allow for volume control, freeze frame and more.

Easy to deploy and support. Maximize uptime and protect your investment with SMART's best in class full-coverage warranty and service plan options. SMART displays work out-of-the-box, update automatically over-the-air, and can be easily managed remotely with SMART’s Remote Management software.

High quality technology for every budget. Keep students engaged from anywhere in the classroom with 4k Ultra HD displays and excellent display response time and refresh rate on all SMART displays. Quality technology empowers quality teaching and learning.

Save money for years to come. Competitively priced interactive displays are LED rated for 50,000 hours, with exceptional energy efficiency and Energy Star and Ecodesign certification for lower operating costs. Plus, SMART’s robust warranties and support services mean your SMART display is a sound long-term investment.

Robust, safety-first technology. Every display - from our basic to our most advanced model – undergoes rigorous accelerated life and quality testing, meeting world-leading safety and regulatory compliance standards.


Get engaging

Includes essential teaching tools. SMART displays come with an always-growing set of teaching tools for student engagement. All included for free, with no subscription required.

Create and deliver rich interactive lessons. Free SMART Notebook® basic version enables teachers to create, edit, and deliver interactive lessons that are optimized for SMART Board® interactive displays

Experience freedom from connecting to a computer. Embedded android computing allows teachers to browse the web, whiteboard and more – all without giving up their teacher device.

Free content library for teachers. Access thousands of games, activities, and lesson plans made by teachers with SMART Exchange®. Searchable by subject, grade and education standards.

Get more with your SMART Board. Built-in android embedded computing, high quality 15w forward-facing speakers, integrated WIFI, and remote control engage your students and save on implementation costs.

What's Included

  • SMART Notebook® Basic software
  • SMART ink™ software
  • Built-in Android™ computing
  • High quality 15W speakers
  • WIFI dongle
  • Remote control
  • 3-year SMART Warranty (varies by region)

Optional Enhancements

  • SMART Learning Suite - multiple year subscriptions
  • Remote Management - multiple year subscriptions
  • SMART Chromebox
  • SMART electric height-adjustable floor and wall stands
  • Doc Cameras
  • Speakers
  • Services & Professional Development


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