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SMART Learning Suite Subscription

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SMART Learning Suite Subscription
SMART Learning Suite Software for first time buyers.

SMART Learning Suite

SMART Learning Suite is web-based software that helps teachers create engaging lessons students interact with through their devices, in class, remotely, or on their own time. It’s a flexible tool that supports active learning and collaboration by giving teachers the power to transform lesson content, ignite engagement, and capture insight into learning. 

New Product Enhancements

Whether remote, blended or in a one-to-one classroom setting, these product enhancements are designed to provide effective, engaging and interactive learning experiences that will attract new customers and enhance all customers’ experiences.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New! Fresh ready-made resources.
    • A new Lesson Showcase lets teachers explore resources directly in SMART Learning Suite Online. They can find resources on Distance Learning, Manage your Classroom, Emotional Literacy, new manipulatives and more, and easily add them to their lesson library with one click.
  • Enhanced! Game-based Activities just got better.
    • Edit handouts and workspaces: Teachers now have the option to change handouts and workspaces back into presentation pages so that they can edit the activities.
    • Add a question or title field to Shout it Out activities: A question or a title can be added during activity creation and will be displayed at the top of the activity for students to see.
    • Image enhancements in activities
      • Image magnification: Teachers and students can click the magnification icon to enlarge images in Rank Order, Super Sort, Flip Out and Match ‘em Up! activities.
      • Bing image search: Teachers can search for images using Bing directly within activity templates.
      • Add images in Game Show and Speed Up activities: Images can be used for both questions and answers.
    • Customized themes for more activities: Teachers can customize the look and feel of Flip Out and Fill in the Blanks activities by changing background and item images.

SMART Learning Suite - Quick How-Tos

Build a Lesson Starting with a Video

Ready-to-Use Lesson and Activity Templates

Your Existing Lesson Work with SMART Learning Suite

Keep Pulse on Student Understanding with Formative Assessments

Support Asynchronous Learning for Every Student

Enable Meaningful Collaborative Learning with SMART Learning Suite

Enhance your Lessons with Games and Formative Assessment with SMART Learning Suite

Easy Teacher and Student-Paced Lesson Transitions with SMART Learning Suite Software

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