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Copernicus U-Shaped Clear Dry-Erase Divider Kit

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Clear Dry-Erase Dividers from Copernicus

This clear, dry-erase panel series from Copernicus is the perfect solution to encourage collaboration and creativity in the classroom while maintaining a safe distance and level of separation between students. These panels, designed for a variety of classroom settings and needs, will allow students to interact with one another, show their understanding in a way that is easy for their teachers to see from a distance, and create an additional barrier for germs. 

These durable panels are all made of 1/4" surface-hardened acrylic, are an easy surface to write and erase using dry-erase markers, can be used to hang paper to create privacy or showcase student work, and is one way to create as normal a classroom environment as possible.

Clear Dry-Erase Floor Divider Features

  • Three 1/4" Surface-hardened acrylic panels with rounded corners
  • Durable knob fastener
  • Two non-slip feet on each panel
  • Easy to move
  • Fits on 20" x 26" or larger table/desk
  • 24" H x 24" W dimensions for each panel
  • Full Product Brochure

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