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Ultimaker PLA Material

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Ultimaker PLA Material
PLA is a versatile, reliable material making it quintessential in 3D printing detailed prototypes and simple jigs and gauges.

PLA 750 gram spool


The Ultimaker PLA is ideal for creating a variety of applications - from detailed prototypes to simple manufacturing jigs and gauges.  3D print detailed two-color prints, or combine with Ultimaker PVA for complex geometric features and complete design freedom.  Architect can impress clients by building affordable, high-resolution models with sharp surface details.  Create detailed metal or ceramic parts with accuracy.  Additionally, the plastic's low melting points means it is perfect for investment casting and mold inserts.



  • Easy to print at high print speeds
  • Achieve excellent tensile stiffness and detailed surface quality
  • Dual extrude in two colors, or with PVA or Breakaway
  • Ideal for investment casting to create metal parts



Manufacturing aids

Architectural models

Medical visualization aids

Casts and molds for metal or ceramic parts

Concept models

Educational projects


Works With

Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker 3

Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker 2

Ultimaker 2 Go

Ultimaker Original+

Ultimaker Original


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