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Ultimaker Tough PLA Material

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Ultimaker Tough PLA Material
Ideal for printing functional prototypes and larger tooling - without fear of delamination or warping.

Tough PLA 750 gram spool


The Ultimaker Tough PLA is technical PLA (polylactic acid) material with a toughness similar to ABS.  While safe and easy to use as regular PLA, Tough PLA is ideal for printing functional prototypes and tooling at larger sizes, without fear of delamination or warping.  Additionally, Tough PLA can be used for more functional applications, such as jigs, fixtures and tools.  Tough PLA pairs well with Ultimaker's S5 for bigger build volume.  Combine 3D printing with Breakaway or water-soluble PVA support to print designs with intricate curves, fine details and overhangs.



  • Greater machinability than PLA allows more post-processing techniques
  • Similar strength and higer stiffness compared to ABS
  • No delamination or warping for reliable printing of larger parts
  • Compatible with PVA and Breakaway support materials for full geometric freedom



Functional prototyping


Manufacturing Aids


Works With

Ultimaker S5

Ultimaker 3

Ultimaker 2+

Ultimaker 2

Ultimaker 2 Go

Ultimaker Original+

Ultimaker Original


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