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WolfVision Cynap Pure Pro

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App-free, button-free wireless screen mirroring, combined with a range of collaboration tools. Ideal for meeting rooms, classrooms, and huddle spaces.

Cynap Pure Pro

BYOD Wireless Presentation


The Cynap Pure Pro transforms your meeting room into an outstanding wireless BYOD presentation environment, with professional level features such as best-in-class security encryption, and remote administration capability.

Featuring outstanding mirroring performance, plus plug and play setup, WolfVison offers a robust and flexible solution, with free firmware updates included, perfect for classrooms, meeting rooms, and huddle spaces of all sizes - where high quality, easy-to-use, wireless screen sharing onto a central shared screen is the primary focus.  Plus, Cynap Pure Pro provides app-free, button-free wireless screen mirroring, combined with a range of other popular collaboration tools.



  • Share your mobile device screen
  • 4K output resolution
  • Enterprise level security
  • Plug and play or custom API installation options
  • Access your files from any source
  • Integrated web browser
  • vSolution Meeting feature pack (optional)
  • Annotate over any open window
  • Instant access to Zoom meetings
  • Office 365 feature pack


Download Cynap Plus Pro Brochure↓

Download vSolution Cynap Core Brochure↓