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zSpace All-in-One Pro

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The zSpace AIO combines elements of AR and VR on an all-in-one computer to create lifelike experiences.

All-in-One Computer

See it to believe it


The zSpace AIO is a windows-based computer with enhanced features allowing students to participate in an augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) learning experience.  While wearing tracked glasses and using the special stylus, students are able to interact with content.  Additionally, other students can participate and collaborate by wearing non-tracked glasses.  Schools purchasing the AIO typically dedicate a classroom space and set up enough stations for each pair of students in the class to have access to one zSpace station.  Using zView and a camera, a station can be connected to a projector or interactive whiteboard for whole-class demonstrations.





  • Kinesthetic Realism
  • Realist and comfortable viewing experience
  • Follower Glasses - allow other to join in
  • Stylus - allows you to bring objects out of the screen
  • Wide range of learning applications


What's In The Box

zSpace AIO


Mouse and keyboard

1 Pair 3D glasses

1 Pair 2D glasses (for observers)

1 Power supply for zSpace display

1 Quickstart guide


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