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zSpace Laptop Software License

$100.00 - $1,200.00
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zSpace LT SW License
Update from zSpace: All new annual licenses will start July 1 of each year. If you need a pro-rated license, please request a quote for accurate pricing.

zSpace Annual Laptop Software Licenses

Some titles may be eligible for a multi-title discount, which applies to the purchase of multiple titles on this list of qualified zSpace software titles. This discount does not apply to quantity purchases of any single title or the purchase of excluded titles. If you think your license purchase may qualify for a multi-title discount, use the "Request Quote" feature above for accurate pricing or contact us directly for support. The terms and conditions of this discount are subject to change at any time.


More Ways to Use zSpace

zSpace continually updates their software offerings to help users make the most of their devices. Check out our current list of software titles to find the programs that will bring learning to life for your students!


Newton's Park

Students can run or create their own experiments - Newtonian Mechanics


Franklin's Lab

Electricity concepts and troubleshooting faulty circuits

Curie's Elements

Explore the periodic table and build elements by adding protons, neutrons, and electrons


Euclid's Shapes

Math manipulatives - Base-10 blocks, Square Tiles, Fraction Bars and more



Experiential-based simulations of Earth, Life, and Physical Science topics


VIVED Science

Detailed and fully dissectible models for automotive, biological sciences, zoology, earth science, anatomy and more


VIVED Chemistry

Activities and simulations including, atom builder, interactive periodic table, molecular builder/viewer/decay, nuclear decay, states of matter and more


MEL Chemistry

Engaging visualization and explanation of chemistry concepts, which include: atoms, molecules, the periodic table, gas laws, isomerism, and more


Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas

Independent student research and to aid in developing accurate mental models of the human body and how its parts relate to each other


VIVED Anatomy

Fully dissectible and labeled human body ready for curriculum personalization


Vizitech Virtual ECG Training

Train students in electrocardiography electrode placement, hear lead regions, and hear conditions


Leopoly Dental

3D experiences for dental assistant students to learn about living body structures, relationships between organs, dental problems and procedures, oral diseases, and more


GTAFE Canine Anatomy VR Trainer

Practical training for veterinary students on canine integumentary, skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, urinary, circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine, and nervous systems


GTAFE Virtual Automotive Expert

3D interactive study guide for automotive training includes custom courses, simulations of various automotive systems, and 3D resources to prepare for industry certifications

 virtual-auto-mechanic-v1.0-release.png GTAFE Virtual Automotive Mechanic

Allows students to practice the assembly/disassembly of an automobile and its various systems in a virtual mechanic shop

 vr-automotive-diagnostics-256.png GTAFE Virtual Automotive Diagnostics Add-On

Includes modules that simulate the whole process of automotive failure

 evbygta-256.png GTAFE Electric Automotive Mechanic

Allows students to practice the assembly/disassembly of an electric vehicle and its various systems in a virtual mechanic shop

 vr-automotive-hybrid-256.png GTAFE Hybrid Automotive Mechanic

Includes three modules: engine, transaxle, and principles of powertrain


Mimbus Wave NG Welding

Provides students with hands-on training in welding gestures and MAG, through exercises with handheld welding simulator


GTAFE Industrial Robotics Expert

Content includes electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic principles


GTAFE Industrial Robotics Mechanic

Allows students to practice assembly/disassembly, with a particular focus on preventative maintenance, and common procedures for manufacturing robots


Fun2 Electrical Control VR Instruction

Features the structures and working principles of low-voltage electrical appliances in lifelike AR/VR


Fun2 Advanced Manufacturing Mechanical

Explore simulated 3D model components and animations to develop the fundamentals in a wide variety of manufacturing processes, including production, logistics and maintenance


Fun2 Advanced Manufacturing Hydraulics

Uses 3D model components, animations, and system building to provide students with the structural relationships and working principles needed to develop proficiency of fluid power components and hydraulic systems


Fun2 Advanced Manufacturing Pneumatics

Utilizes 3D model components, animations, and system building to provide students with the structural relationships and working principles needed to develop proficiency of pneumatic powered components and systems.  


NIRTEC Industrial Controls

A suite of applications for learning, designing, programming and simulating Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)

 labtech-hvac-256.png Labtech HVAC Fundamentals

Provides the basics of refrigeration and air conditioning, including a fully operational unit that contains the basic components found in many refrigeration and air conditioning systems